Thoughts on Bluewater Shopping Centre

At Bluewater Learning Centre
At Bluewater Learning Centre

 You wouldn’t normally think to look for signs of God in Bluewater Shopping Centre. However, that was the task set for the youngsters on a recent visit during our German Exchange. 

Signs of God’s creativity were found in the carvings around the upper landing. And on the lower floor the wonders of nature, trees and flowers, along with scenes of Florida beaches and outer space on video clips caught the imagination.

God’s inclusiveness was demonstrated by the different nationalities working and shopping under one roof.

‘Mothercare ‘ spoke to us about the nurture and care afforded by God to his children. Luke spotted the sign  ‘You are not just a number’ which spoke to him of the love which God feels for each person and the way we are all treated as individuals.

The depiction of the River Thames that flows along one side of the complex reminded the young people of God’s love flowing in the world.

Someone spotted, ‘Jesus loves you’ written on a belt on a concourse stall. And to cap it all, there was a three-lamp lighting pillar – a sign of the Trinity, said Andrew.

Perhaps we shall  all look at Bluewater in a different light next time we visit.

Ann Cook


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