The Joy of Lunch – Clubbing









We set up in the morning

and we’re done by 2.30

Well it keeps us from yawning!

Kevin is the first to appear

with his Polos in hand;

he’s been here for a couple of years.

Jack comes in next;

He starts on Table 1 then later moves to 6.

He’s quite complex.

Then there’s Joyce on 1 – Jacket with beans and a cappo.

She stays most of the way through.

No two people are the same, and to make it simpler,

their favourite seats they claim.

There’s too many to mention.

If I forget some, I’m sorry;

I hope Majorie doesn’t give me detention!

We love and care for all our customers-

It’s a mixed crowd, both dames and sirs;

You’ll always find a listening ear;

You can hear the throng of life

And the sound of good cheer.

Kym, the chef, is the menu shaper.

There’s plenty of washing up to do,

and we make good use of the plate scraper.

‘Can you hear me folks’ is the cry – it never fails to make us laugh-

When we hear it, we know the news is nigh.

The salt of the earth are here, you know,

so for a great time,

Geddes Place is the place to go!

Andrew Lawrence

Andrew is one of our lunch club volunteers

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