The Café Room

The Café Room seats up to 20 people.

Suitable for informal meetings or for taking refreshments, The Café Room has five round tables each with four chairs and is ideal for group discussions.


The Café Room shares tea and coffee making facilities with the other upstairs rooms. Access is via stairs or a wheelchair-friendly lift. A serving table and large serving trolley are also available.

The Meeting Room is more suitable for formal meetings, but if your meeting has both formal and informal elements, why not hire both? See Rates (below) for details.

PLEASE NOTE. The lift access upstairs is into the café, so people using other rooms may go through the café. If hiring the café but requiring privacy please enquire at the time  of booking to check if other rooms will be in use, and let us know that you require private use of the café.

Floor Area: 24 m2 (267 square feet)


The Café Room The Café Room &
The Meeting Room
All 4 Rooms Upstairs
Standard Rate per hour £20 £35 £50
Discount Rate per hour £10  £18 £25
Charities Rate per hour £10 £17.50 £25

Discount Rate – minimum booking 2 hours. Applies between 4 and 6pm on weekdays, and before 4pm every other Saturday (please enquire about available dates).

The Charities Rate applies to registered charities and members of the Bexley Voluntary Service Council.

For regular weekly bookings and for other bookings of 4 hours or more, please ask us for a quote.

Availability and booking
For an initial check on the availability of The Café Room, please check our regular schedule page.
To check availability for specific dates, make a booking or for further information contact Elaine Le Masurier telephone number 07762 101574  or email


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