Our defibrillator

Our defibrillator was financed by our exercise classes and we have had it for over a year. It came as a result of several of our congregation attending a first aid course. Fortunately we or our many partner groups that meet at our venue have not had to use it. At our annual partner group meeting we did give out some information about it and showed the video from St John Ambulance which gives instructions on how to use it. It is on the wall in the kitchen and we do have a small poster outside indicating to the general public of its existence within. Someone is here most days who could be contacted in an emergency. What got us thinking about this again is that is was announced that a national register is to be set up so that the emergency services will be able to locate and use a defibrillator if there is anĀ  nearby incident. The instruction is in the event of a person having a cardiac arrest is to dial 999, administer CPR until a defibrillator is available. The beauty of a defibrillator is that once you open it a voice tells you exactly how to operate it so you don’t need training. However there is a very informative video here which you may like to view .


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