What we are about

SanctuaryIt is the height of arrogance to think that the world is about us, but at Geddes Place URC it is easy to think at least Bexley Borough is about us. Buses come in all directions from different parts of the borough and beyond. You could say that almost everybody in the borough is but a bus ride away. There is always a warm welcome at our church groups and our Sunday morning services. Our buildings are open every day for all the wonderful work our partner groups do for the community. We see them as being partners in God’s work here in Geddes Place. Details of these groups will soon be available on this website, but in the meantime I will be pleased to try to answer any questions you may have.

These are difficult times and many people feel confusion and hurt and we want to help. This is not about us, it is ABOUT YOU and it is ABOUT GOD and it is about bringing the two together. That is what we call ‘Mission’ and we are seriously considering our mission here in the centre of Bexleyheath. Watch this space as they say, no don’t watch this space, come and see for yourselves!

Paul Ayliffe